I’ll take any excuse to add Berserk to a conversation 🤓.

Simmering down the melting pot.

The elite play with fire and get burned. But will it stick?

Lawrence Bryant / Reuters

“I don’t know the details of the criminal aspect of this, although I think there is no criminal aspect of this,”

— McCloskey, Watters’ World

When the #metoo #cancelparty smoke settles, where’s the path to redemption?

Twitter is a cesspool of self-aggrandizing and hyper-emotional tirades.

A POC in uniform is a hero but when the camo is off, you’re another target.

Good view on my daily jog.

Mansa Brice

Personal Trainer, Super Tramp Vagabond, Sociology, Anthropology, Black Experiences, Dog Dad, Other Asstd Titles :)

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