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Simmering down the melting pot.

The 21st century’s cultural evolution is a delicate trapeze act. As the world becomes more familiar with itself, tides of the sea become inert, and the lands pull closer by the connective tissue of fiber optic nerves throughout the global seabed, the world is becoming one global society.

I would argue that today, the people of this world are more connected than they would have been if they existed during Pangea. Now, what happens when worlds collide? The cultural and religious schisms of early America quite literally split the country apart; America’s legacy does not stand alone. …

The elite play with fire and get burned. But will it stick?

Lawrence Bryant / Reuters

“I don’t know the details of the criminal aspect of this, although I think there is no criminal aspect of this,”

— McCloskey, Watters’ World

The verdict was out on the McCloskey’s; the attorney power couple ruined their image well before they faced any charges. When the internet immortalizes your flagrant terrorizing of peaceful protestors with memes, you should pack up and move out faster than the Buschs upgraded from that mansion.

“It was like the storming of the Bastille, the gate came down and a large crowd of angry, aggressive people poured through,”

— Mark McCloskey

The rich often…

Protecting Your Data In 2020 With Practical Easy Habits

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You can argue that the USA doesn’t deserve to be the #1 superpower. We have a controversial history, unfair trade policies, and outright overthrow governments. On top of that, the USA is good at taking your data, so are the corporations that lie under the flag.

Google, Amazon, and Microsoft own your digital footprint. These companies aren’t the only ones; most applications and websites take your data because you leave the pot of gold open for grabs.

Recently, Mike Pompeo discussed on Fox News that the US may ban TikTok because they are susceptible to the Chinese government. We have…

Photo by John Moeses Bauan on Unsplash

What is ‘Human Potential’? It’s the capability that humans have to improve themselves by studying or practicing skills to a level of individual mastery.

“Inherent within the notion of human potential is the belief that in reaching their full potential an individual will be able to lead a happy and more fulfilled life”.

— David Vernon, Human Potential, p. 1.

Does achieving your potential lead to a happier, more fulfilled life? Maslow believed so, and so does most of modern psychology.

Growing up, I watched a ton of movies with my father. Every Saturday was movie day, followed by eating as much Chuck-E-Cheese (rip) pizza that I possibly could until the giant animatronics spooked me too much. We even tried to see another movie on Sunday if anything was good at the dollar theatre.

I think my father always aimed to keep me in the culture. He would often refuse to watch some movies that literally had zero black representation. It always impresses me when you see something based in New York or Los Angeles, and the only black cast is…

When the #metoo #cancelparty smoke settles, where’s the path to redemption?

Twitter is a cesspool of self-aggrandizing and hyper-emotional tirades.

It feels toxic to me, and I barely even use the platform. I’ve been allergic to Twitter since I discovered it; to me, it has always seemed more like a continuous public journal to let out your grievances, follow your favorite porn stars & post edgy memes. Much of Twitter reminds me of 4chan but in the opposite political direction.

What’s 4chan? Isn’t that the place where incel’s & racist congregate to harass women and get presidents elected?

4chan isn’t a monolith. …

Many people were alarmed to discover her stance on a multitude of LGBTQ+ issues.

My quick little Ps.

J.K Rowling is an inspirational pillar that has influenced the lives of hundreds of millions of people. With over 500 million books sold and billions made in the box office, J.K Rowling is the J. R. R. Tolkien of the millennial generation.

That is why many people were alarmed to discover her stance on a multitude of LGBTQ+ issues. As she became a meme for continuously adding unnecessary Gender and sexual backstory in no small amount of her characters, she began to illustrate to the world her stance on the community.

As she made her way along with the L…

Dating Trans women is still taboo, Even to ‘Liberals’. Have you ever asked yourself why? Let’s discuss.

TL;DR: Yes, they should.

Thanks for reading!

Oh. Are you still here? Okay, I guess I should explain.

The sweet 📷@tssophiasuxx
The sweet 📷@tssophiasuxx
The hermosa 📷@tssophiasuxx

Throughout western society, trans people have had a unique challenge with finding acceptance in women’s spaces. Many people like J.K Rowling claim to support trans rights, but in the same extremely long-winded breath of a TERF apologetic essay, they explain their discomfort with trans people sharing women’s bathrooms.

I could toss at least a thousand words about J.K Rowling and her opinions, but I want…

Me. 👶

So, your mom shoots you out of the uterus, the doctor slaps your ass and snips you without consent. Congratulations, you’ve just been indoctrinated into society. Your environment and culture are pushed upon you the second you escape the birth canal.

By the time I was 6, I had a firm grasp on the English language, I could count to 50 and my grandma helped me understand that pecan pie is the best pie. I had a multitude of sources providing me with knowledge of how the world works.

My most accessible source of knowledge was television. Even if you…

A POC in uniform is a hero but when the camo is off, you’re another target.

Good view on my daily jog.

In Afghanistan, every place has a morbid nickname, sometimes with a tint of funny. Between FOB Shank, FOB Superman, FOB J-Bad. You would think the guy in charge of it was a 12-year-old kid watching GI Joe.

Despite the funky names, I think they usually represent the vibe of the bases quite well:

FOB Shank was known for the consistent rain of mortars that kept the amateur soldier on his toes; on the other hand, an experienced trooper isn’t likely to even roll out of bed.

Nevertheless, you had this fear hanging above your head that one day your luck…

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